Who we are

SIALOR MILANO, founded in 2006, is a science – based Company, rich in biocosmetological experience, constantly studying, in its Research Laboratories, to combine the active virtues of new Natural Substances, with the aim of creating anticipatory Formulations, innovative, effective and always rich in excellent sensory qualities: superb texture, delicate fragrance and functional packaging.

The Results reflect the expertise of our Researchers and the talent of each one forms the excellence of SIALOR MILAN Beauty Products, appreciated by our Clients all over the world.

Who we are

From pharmaceutical to cosmeceutical

SIALOR MILANO was founded in 2014 by Paolo Anzaghi with the help of his father Piergiorgio , (a chemist with long pharmaceutical experience, holder of, among others, the patents Ceftriaxone (US 5026843 A), Disodium pamidronate (IT MI 2001 A 002624) and Reveratrolo phospholipid (EP 1370564 A2 2002).

Dr. Paolo Anzaghi took his first steps in the world of healthcare at an Australian multinational company, Generic Health in Melbourne.

After a long experience, she returned to Italy to work in the family business, River Pharma, dealing totally with the Marketing and Sales division.
Driven by the passion for Well-being transmitted by his father, and after an important insight, I decided to found Sialor Milano, a Company dedicated to the world of Dermocosmeceuticals, with the sole objective of awakening personal Beauty and regaining one’s Brightness in appearance.

An innovative project

Leverage its knowledge of pharmaceuticals to develop a line of natural DERMOCOSMECEUTIC PRODUCTS that can reflect the basic principles of pharmaceuticals:
Safety, Quality and above all Efficacy.

To embellish this package of Cosmetics, Filler and Yalodé Tablets are born simultaneously.
These, over time, will go on to change from within the concept of Skin Wellness: High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid for oral administration that closes the circle of Beauty IN & OUT.

Vision & Mission

Quality products with proven results.

Products subjected to multiple and rigorous safety and efficacy testing at the University of Ferrara and Pavia University - Italy


SIALOR MILANO wishes to promote transparency of the Contents and to inform its Customers in a timely manner about the number and functional characteristics of the Active Ingredients present in the Formulations, always supported by solid scientific and experimental documentation that guarantees their efficacy and safety.


SIALOR MILANO wants to be attentive to the needs of the Clientele, helping to awaken personal Beauty and regain their Brightness. This is the ideal that we have and strive day by day to make current. The Quest for Perfection is our daily activity and Excellence is our Goal. Each Project is new challenge towards the Exceptional in terms of Effectiveness for the Beauty of each of you. And the Results are the Proofs of that.

Beauty is not just an outward appearance

Beauty is a stimulus that builds self-confidence.
Beauty is a VALUE that enriches the spirit.

All of this is possible because of deep Research and Dedication in all that we do while always keeping in mind, which is the guiding spirit of SIALOR, the cardinal Principles of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Functionality.

We believe that we can also make a difference in the world of dermocosmetics by meeting the high standards of bioavailability and functional activity.


Where “yes,” in the most common meaning of AFFIRMATION, affirms all that SIALOR cares about: the NEEDS of all, helping to awaken personal BEAUTY and rediscover one’s BRIGHTNESS.