Yalodé Hair Growth

Dietary supplement for hair health

Dietary supplements

Yalodé Hair Growth is a potent natural solution for anti-hair loss and hair regrowth rich in Procyanidin B2 from Annurca apple and Hyaluronic acid – exclusive complex – PROB2 HANNURTM – as well as Taurine, organic Silicium, Biotine, Zinc and Selenium.

It stimulates hair-growth while protecting the inside of the hair and making it healthy with the formation of Keratin, a fibrous protein that forms a key biological building block for hair and nail.


  • In the prevention of hair loss
  • More hair resistance
  • Well tolerated Product
  • Scientifically formulated
  • Clinical proven.


2 tabs per day, away from meals, to promote the assimilation of the active Ingredients for at least 2 months.
For the next 2 months, the dose is reduced to 1 tab per day, to be taken away from meals.

Visible results in 2 months taking tablets regularly over the long term is beneficial.

Annurca Apple ex. as Procyanidin B2

Answer: 400 mg 1.000 mcg (1 tablet) / Procyanidin B2 is a natural polyphenol compound, powerful stimulator of hair epithelial cell growth. It specifically promotes hair epithelial cell growth, activates specific regions of the hair follicle into the growing phase, and causes the follicular hair cycle to revert to the Anagen Phase from Telogen Phase, and its effective in curing patterns baldness. Procyanidin B2 increases of almost 80% of hair diameter and increases in the total number of hairs, without any side effects.

Hyaluronic acid

Answer: 40 mg (1 tablet) / Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally occurring in the body. It can promote a healthy scalp and increased hair growth. It moisturizes the scalp from within and prevents hair from falling out prematurely from the hair follicles. Hyaluronic acid not only can increase hair growth but also increases the diameter of each hair, giving hair more volume.


Answer: 75 mg (1 tablet) / Taurine for combatting hair loss and promoting hair growth by protecting the hair follicles from damage. Taurine is a beta-amino acid that is useful to counter androgenetic alopecia, limiting the process of fullicular atrophy. Its one of the main constituents of hair, contributing to the formation of Keratin.

Organic Silicium

Answer: 5 mg (1 tablet) / Organic Silicium is the most bioavailable form of Silicium that improves hair texture and health. Higher Silicon content in the hair fiber results in a lower rate of hair loss and increased brightness. Nail are also positively by the presence of Silicon.


Answer: 0,20 mg (1 tablet) / Biotine promotes the formation of Keratin and increases the thickness of hair and nails.

Zinc as Gluconate

Answer: 5 mg (1 tablet) / Zinc it is a potent inhibitor of hair follicle regression and contributes to the production of Keratin.

Selenium as Selenium Methionine

Answer: 50 mcg (1 tablet) / Selenium is an essential trace element that plays a role in protection from oxidative damage as well as hair follicle morphogenesis.


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Subjected to numerous and rigorous safety and effectiveness checks

Sialor Milano guarantees customers the highest quality of cosmeceutical products placed on the market. Sialor Milano’s commitment to quality assurance also includes the periodic review of existing products, to ensure that they remain compliant with the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Proven clinical efficacy*

*Efficacy tests conducted at the University of Pavia

Health of Hair begins within


Yalodé Hair Growth is scientifically formulated Product of bio-active Ingredients based on the latest scientific research. It has been developed by R&D Sialor Lab with the specific exclusive complex PROB2 HANNURTM, essential component of Yalodé Hair Growth, powerful association of Procyanidin B2 with Hyaluronic acid, that has been clinical proven to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth from the inside.

Yalodé Hair Growth supplies vital nutrients to the hair follicle to prolong the Anagen (growing) phase of the Hair Growth Cycle, nourishing thinning hair and promoting hair growth. During Hair Growth Cycle, Hyaluronic acid, specialized component Proteoglycans, play an important role to help normalize and maintain the overall life and function of the hair follicles.


  • Hair loss and hair growth disorder of unknown origin

  • Deterioration of hair structure: split hair, brittle and dull

  • Hair loss (alopecia) can have many causes, among others:
    – alopecia due to side effects after medications
    – alopecia due to chemotherapy/radiation treatment
    – alopecia due to hormonal causes/imbalance
    – alopecia following pregnancy

  • Nail growth disorders.
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