Skin aging and free radicals: how to counter oxidative stress

At the root of skin aging is oxidative stress, a set of reactions within our bodies that causes a Increase in free radicals. When the antioxidants in our bodies fail to fight and eliminate free radicals, the cells of the entire body and even skin cells degenerate. Given the tight correlation between free radicals and aging, it is imperative to Follow a healthy lifestyle and beauty routine that counteracts oxidative stress.
Aging is physiological, but treating it with the right products can slow its effects. Here are in detail what oxidative stress means and how to combat it starting from the table to discovering the best anti-aging skincare beauty routine!

What is oxidative stress?

Contrary to what you might believe, the Oxidative stress is a physiological process, such as precisely aging. There is no denying that time passes for everyone, leaving signs of advancing age as well. The culprits are found within the nucleus of every cell and are free radicals, complexes that capture an electron from other cells causing them to degenerate due to the caused instability.
Causing a surplus of free radicals and thus worsening the action of oxidative stress is the Poor lifestyle that accelerates the advance of time. The only remedy then is to Fight aging by taking antioxidants and improving one’s habits. Also through good beauty routine you can act at the skin level by counteracting the passage of time.
Among the main factors responsible for increased oxidative stress are not only alcohol and smoking, but also poor diet, excessive physical activity, pollution, drug intake and more.

Vitamins and minerals to fight free radicals

Keeping healthy starting from the table is one of the first remedies to be implemented to Counteract free radicals and aging. Vitamins and minerals are definitely the main substances that not only strengthen the immune system, but also enable the Have young and beautiful skin. These are mainly contained within fruits and vegetables, and therefore, you should consume at least one serving at every meal.
In case diet is not enough, free radicals can also be combated through the intake of nutricosmetic supplements that improve the amounts of antioxidants taken in, trying to Balance the ratio of free radicals to antioxidants.
One of the most important assets for counteract the action of free radicals is definitely the Vitamin C, a natural product that contributes to the formation of collagen and gives glowing, healthy skin, reducing typical age spots. This is why it is recommended to hire vitamin C supplements and coenzyme Q10 that They slow down aging, plumping and smoothing the signs of aging.
In combination with other substances they are a real boon to the skin. For example, products based on Biotinae Zinc help maintain normal skin toneSelenium and Vitamin E They protect cells from oxidative stress. While,Resveratrol, a natural plant-derived polyphenol, has an antioxidant action.

Anti-aging beauty routine: the ingredients that can’t be missed

While it is true that beauty starts from the inside and therefore, goes through nutrition, it is also true that taking care of the dermis with the right products can only Slow down the process of cellular aging. In addition, devoting a few moments to your beauty will only reduce stress levels and thus the production of free radicals.
Follow a small beauty ritual has a double advantage: on the one hand it gives a healthy and youthful appearance to the skin and on the other hand allows you to relax. Both in the morning and in the evening, it is good to follow some simple steps by which to fight and reduce skin aging. A anti-aging beauty routine should include the use of products with specific formulations.
First and foremost among the ingredients to be favored are moisturizing ones: Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E. Then there are specific actives for counteract oxidative stress such as the ceramides that protect the skin from the aggression of external free radicals.

Aging and dehydration: nourish and hydrate the skin

Among the main causes of aging is definitely dehydration. Very few people are able to drink the amount of water needed to hydrate all tissues, including the dermis. Increasing water intake can therefore strengthen the immune system and Giving healthy and glowing skin.
In fact, dry skin tends to have little elasticity and show signs of aging, namely wrinkles, sooner. Especially the eye contour and the mouth, are the areas that before any other tend to show signs of dehydration due to lack of elasticity. If you notice this issue, you can take care of the affected areas with specific and very moisturizing products, such as a eye contour cream rich in hyaluronic acid and vitamin E that manages to Smoothing out the signs of aging.
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid captures three times the amount of water by making it penetrate into the subcutaneous layers. The result will be a Plumped and smooth skin.

Not just free radicals and aging: watch out for external agents

It is not enough to care for the skin with the right products to combat oxidative stress, protecting it with a barrier that separates it from the outside world is essential. Smoke, smog and UV rays are among the main culprits of skin aging. This is why it is advisable to Use products that shield the sun’s rays, preventing premature aging of tissues.
In fact, the effects of the sun are not immediately visible, but only over the years. Spots, wrinkles and dehydration are among the main signs ofexcessive and incorrect sun exposure. Apply anti-aging moisturizing creams rich in ceramides allows you to restore the hydrolipid barrier and have a protected and glowing skin. Also a anti-aging and nourishing oil can be a good solution to protect the skin, in fact it makes a barrier with the outside that Prevents dehydration.

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