Ceramides: what they are, what they are used for, and the effects on the skin

Ceramides are the naturally occurring barrier in our skin. These substances not only control hydration, but also protect the dermis from external aggressions while maintaining skin balance. When ceramides are mentioned, it is not always clear what they are. The most exclusive beauty treatments contain ceramides within them, but these are not all the same.
Specifically, ceramides are lipids that create a skin barrier by preventing water from escaping and external aggressions from attacking the skin. If you want to take care of your face in a functional way, here is the protective ceramide-based beauty routine you should follow!

What are ceramides

The human body produces three different types of lipids: fatty acids, cholesterol and ceramides. The latter are made with very strong chemical bonds that allow them to create a waxy barrier on the skin; in fact, they are located just below the stratum corneum, creating an extremely strong tissue. This layer allows the skin to stay hydrated, in fact it prevents water evaporation while maintaining glowing, tight skin.

At the same time, ceramides do not allow potentially harmful substances to enter the skin layers. In short, if there were no ceramides, the skin would simply crumble, as dead skin cells could not stay together without the necessary glue. That said, to have a smooth and healthy dermis, it is good to supplement ceramides through a skin care beauty rich in these fatty substances.

What ceramides are used for in skin care

Making beauty products inside which there are ceramides is not easy; being lipids in fact, they are difficult to dissolve except at high temperatures, and in addition, they tend to crystallize when cooling the product.

In any case, there has been success in integrating these substances inside day creams so that they can act when you are outside by preventing water evaporation. They are also present within creams with a high sun protection factor, in which regard they play a central role in protecting against the negative effects of the sun’s rays.

There are different types of ceramides used commercially, the most common being those that prevent dehydration, but those that help to smooth the skin are also very valuable since, by remaining in the most superficial layer of the dermis they are able to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Just these, are mostly found within the formulation of intensive creams and anti-aging moisturizers.

The effects of the absence of Ceramides

When the right amounts of ceramides are present within the body, the skin appears smooth, firm and hydrated, but what happens if these essential components are missing? The absence of ceramides or at any rate the deficiency of ceramides is immediately visible, as it is at the root of some of the most unsightly and annoying skin conditions. Psoriasis and even localized inflammation are caused precisely by the low amount of ceramides.

These bind together all the cells of the dermis giving a firm and smooth appearance; as soon as they are missing, the skin becomes flaky, inflamed, and in severe cases there can be real abrasions. Simply apply ceramide-based ointments locally and you will immediately feel relief from itching and burning and have smoother, tighter skin. In short, ceramides are essential for taking care of skin well-being in the best way.

Plant ceramides

After seeing how important the supply of ceramides within the body can be through the use of creams, let’s find out which natural substances contain the most ceramides and are therefore to be taken advantage of to have young and beautiful skin.

Plant lanolin

Produced directly from the sheep’s wool, lanolin is used only after a long purification process. This product is a beauty elixir for dry skin. Applied to the roughest and chapped areas, it provides immediate relief and leaves the skin smooth and well moisturized. It allows for an immediate visible result as it creates a surface layer that protects the skin and repairs damage caused by dehydration and external agents.


Another natural substance rich in ceramides is beeswax, which is able to create a barrier on the skin, a great solution to combat winter skin dryness. Use beeswax products throughout the day to prevent water loss and have hydrated, firm skin.

Jojoba oil for smooth skin

Jojoba oil is definitely one of the best ingredients for taking care of the face. Its anti-aging action makes it perfect for an anti-aging beauty routine. Rich in ceramides, it is a very light oil that is non-greasy and insulates the skin from the outside while keeping it in optimal condition. It penetrates inside the dermis immediately giving an extra touch of hydration and nourishment.

Carnauba wax

Finally, ceramide extremely suitable for facial care is carnauba wax. Cosmetic products containing it are particularly potent and perfect for giving skin a youthful appearance. In fact, this stays in the surface layers, creating a skin barrier that prevents water evaporation and protects against the aggression of external agents. Especially recommended in winter, when frost and cold wind may cause dehydration and crack the skin.

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