Anti-wrinkle facial massage: how to perform a self-massage lifting effect

Among the most annoying skin imperfections that arise with the passage of time are wrinkles. These can appear even on very young individuals from the age of 25 years, and there are many causes. There are, however, secrets to fight and combat facial wrinkles as much as possible that every woman should know. Do you also want to discover the perfect skincare routine to introduce into your daily routine and know the steps for a perfect anti-wrinkle facial massage? Then you are in the right place!

What causes facial and skin wrinkles?

To combat wrinkles, it is essential, first of all, to know the causes of their manifestation. Among those that most affect skin aging is dehydration. For this reason, a key step in the skincare routine is proper hydration of the skin.

Furthermore, it is very important to moisturize the face from the inside as well. This means that it will be very helpful to consistently consume foods rich in water and other nutrients, as well as to use skin wellness food supplements containing specific substances with antioxidant action to maintain normal skin tone.

But would you like to know what are the other causes of the occurrence of wrinkles? You’ve probably heard from friends or acquaintances who sport enviable tans in the summer that they don’t use sunscreen. One of the most common myths is precisely that with sunscreen we get less of a tan; however, this is, indeed, only a myth.

Sunscreen will not only give a much more even and radiant appearance to your complexion, but it will also have a fundamental task: to protect the epidermis from UV rays. In fact, the latter are among the main causes of skin aging and, consequently, wrinkles. You will have to carefully study the texture of the products you are going to use and choose those that are best for your body and those, on the other hand, that are best for your face.

What ingredients are needed for skin protection?

The ingredient that should never be missing from your skincare routine ishyaluronic acid. In fact, it has the ability to retain water in the skin so as to keep it as hydrated as possible. Hyaluronic acid is found in many facial serums, which you can apply alone or combined with a moisturizer, but also within cleansing products, including toners.

Also pay attention to the presence of collagen in your beauty products, a protein whose primary role is to protect the structure of the skin. It fights wrinkles and keeps skin young and always supple, especially when contained in eye creams.

What are the benefits of a good anti-wrinkle facial massage?

Anti-wrinkle facial massage is a habit you will need to introduce into your daily routine if you want to have youthful, relaxed skin. A true moment of relaxation and pampering toward yourself. A good anti-wrinkle facial massage allows you to reduce signs of aging, deflate dark circles and improve the contours of your oval by activating skin microcirculation. Facial massage warms the muscles and oxygenates them by filling them with water with a draining and anti-aging effect that stimulates collagen and elastin formation.

How to perform an anti-wrinkle facial massage

Anti-aging self-massage should be performed in the morning, when it is necessary to stimulate the muscles and circulation to activate the skin and help it cope with the external environment. Before going to work give yourself a few minutes to use nourishing products. You can perform the massage on the face by gently gliding your fingers over the length of the neck and décolleté as well, thanks to the body of the creams and lotions used, or you can choose to practice it dry before starting your beauty routine.

You will have to spend about 10 minutes combining appropriate different techniques and procedures. It begins with the practice of kneading: it involves simulating the eponymous act on the face. Next, tap your fingers on the skin to gradually wake it up and reduce muscle tension. Proceed in circular motions, always starting from the bottom to the top. When you get to the forehead, continue massaging outward to the hairline and temples.

Finally, conclude the anti-wrinkle massage by lightly pinching the skin in order to activate collagen. Don’t forget to perform each step around the eye area as well, an area very prone to the onset of wrinkles. Repeat this in the evening after removing your makeup as well, but give yourself more time for the process so that your skin can rest.

More beauty tips

To make the massage easier you can help with the use of the Gua Sha, a roller made of real stone, rose quartz or jade with the capabilities of a natural botox to reduce dark circles and tension. It is a tool that has a surprising effect that reduces muscle contractions, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation in depth, eliminates swelling and relaxes the features. If the technique is applied consistently, it firms and shapes the contours.

Ideally, massage in the morning after an overnight rest with a natural oil and every other day so as not to stress the face. To treat your skin and prevent aging with a single ingredient, you can follow a beauty routine with the action of hyaluronic acid, from start to finish, using a filling and elasticizing eye and lip contour, a face serum with anti-aging action and a firming face cream with the power to define its contours.

In addition to the classic anti-wrinkle massage, the anti-aging massage inspired by the Korean beauty routine ranks first among the current trends. This type of massage mainly focuses on the V area of the face, namely the chin and ear area because this is where the most toxins are enclosed.


As you may have guessed, taking care of yourself requires commitment and attention. But the results you will get from performing daily full skincare and anti-wrinkle massage at least 3 or 4 times a week will be worth it.

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