Ultra Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid vs. high molecular weight hyaluronic acid

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Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that our body produces autonomously and has the extraordinary ability to retain water in the tissues, hydrate and plump the skin. Over time, collagen regeneration is increasingly reduced, contributing to the formation of the classic signs of aging such as fine lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, neck wrinkles, etc. In fact, thanks to its filling, volumizing, anti-redness and antiaging power, hyaluronic acid is used more and more in cosmetic products and, also, in aesthetic medicine. It acts differently depending on its molecular weight and on the market you can find products based on low, medium and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

Curiosity about hyaluronic acid: it can be of animal or non-animal origin. Did you know that in the past it was mainly extracted from rooster combs and pig cartilage? Today, however, it is mainly produced by the fermentation of bacteria in cosmetic laboratories, and therefore totally vegan.

Small wrinkles, crow’s feet and bags under the eyes: best tips to rejuvenate the eyes

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Preventing skin aging, is among the most common desires. Small wrinkles, crow’s feet and bags under the eyes represent the most feared imperfections. However, we all know that it is not possible to stop the advance of time, and with the years it is more than normal to see a few wrinkles appear on our face.
After all, it is possible to slow the appearance of annoying signs of aging through prevention, using suitable cosmetics and adopting a healthy beauty routine. Before outlining the correct behaviors to preserve and protect our facial skin, let’s find out what are the risk factors and causes that affect the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

Neck and décolleté wrinkles: hyaluronic acid properties and importance

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Do you see your appearance marked by time? Small wrinkles, crow’s-feet wrinkles, wrinkles on the sides of the mouth, neck wrinkles, décolleté wrinkles and so on…
Learn how to take care of your skin by following a proper beauty routine that can help you prevent skin aging. Expression lines are the first to appear, on the sides of the mouth, forehead and around the eyes, remedying them will give your face a radiant and rested appearance. But neck and décolleté wrinkles should not be underestimated either. If you want to know how to prevent wrinkles in this delicate area of the body continue reading the article and follow these small steps in daily care. You will find that your best ally will be hyaluronic acid because of its extraordinary properties!

Skin aging and free radicals: how to counter oxidative stress

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At the root of skin aging is oxidative stress, a set of reactions within our bodies that causes an increase in free radicals. When the antioxidants in our bodies fail to fight and eliminate free radicals, the cells of the entire body and even skin cells degenerate. Given the close correlation between free radicals and aging, it is imperative to follow a healthy lifestyle and beauty routine that counteracts oxidative stress.
Aging is physiological, but treating it with the right products can slow its effects. Here is in detail what oxidative stress means and how to combat it starting from the table to discovering the best anti-aging skincare beauty routine!

Air pollution: how does the environment affect ‘skin aging?

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Do you think that the structural changes the skin undergoes are caused only by the passage of time? Actually, these changes arise from two forms of skin aging: from “intrinsic aging,” which is related by genetic factors, and from “extrinsic aging,” which is caused by the interaction of external, i.e., environmental factors such as smog and other harmful emissions. But so is there a correlation between pollution and skin aging? Let’s find out together!

How to prevent wrinkles: hydration will be your best ally

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Do you want your face to always remain fresh and relaxed and wonder how to prevent wrinkles? Keep reading this article to find out!
In this guide, we will look together at valuable tips for having skin that is always young and glowing.
Prevention, it is known, is always better and easier than cure. That’s why it’s crucial to start as soon as possible to pay proper attention to the skin on your face. The passage of time inexorably leaves its mark, but following a proper skincare beauty routine can postpone and limit the appearance of facial wrinkles as much as possible.

What vitamin C and vitamin E are for: firmer and more toned facial skin

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Having toned and firm facial skin is possible; sagging skin can be countered with the right vitamin C and E products. A healthy lifestyle with a diet rich in vitamins and lean proteins, as well as the use of appropriate cosmetic products can help restore lost tone to the face.
Why does the skin on the face relax? Loss of firmness and elasticity is a direct consequence of a physiological process, namely aging. In fact, as the years go by, elastin and collagen production decreases: wrinkles and spots are among the first visible signs of aging to appear on the face.
Aging is a direct consequence of the passage of time, but this is not the only cause. Stress, environmental factors and external aggressions can put a strain on skin firmness. Starting right away by taking advantage of scientific advances to counteract the action of free radicals and loss of tone can be key to having a youthful and beautiful face.

What is cosmeceuticals, what is it for and what are the differences between cosmetics and cosmeceutics?

More and more often we hear about cosmeceutics, and you have probably come across this term yourself. But what does it mean? As you continue reading the article you can find out the answer, and more: we will reveal whether the cosmeceutics proposal really works and why this word is always associated with innovativeness, revolutionary products and scientific evidence.

Curious? On the other hand, this topic is attracting increasing interest in the world of beauty experts and for users of their products, for good reasons. Scroll down and you’ll know everything shortly!