Top 3 active ingredients to look for for normal skin tone: biotin, selenium, and zinc

This article will discuss 3 active ingredients that help maintain a healthy skin tone: biotin, selenium, and zinc. To help improve and care for one’s skin, even from within, it is important to combine cosmeceutical products with thesupplementation of a balanced diet and nutricosmetic products that contain components essential for this function.
Specifically, these are 3 components that help the skin to have a healthy complexion and have a special nourishing and antioxidant function by acting from within. In detail, these are substances particularly good for those who want to strengthen skin cells: biotin is an indispensable antioxidant; zinc preserves skin quality and helps treat impurities; and selenium hasantioxidant action against free radicals andpremature aging.

1. Biotin properties and functions on the skin

Biotin (also called vitamin H) is a water-soluble B vitamin, i.e. it cannot be accumulated in the body, but must be regularly ingested through food. Specifically, dietary sources of biotin are liver, soybeans, vegetables (such as spinach and broccoli), lentils, mushrooms, lean meat (chicken), fish (tuna, salmon), fruits, cereals, and bread.
It has countless functions, both cosmetically and medically. It is involved in numerous metabolic reactions and is essential for healthy skin maintenance. Speaking of the beneficial effects on the skin, it is an important component for:

      • Protect cell membranes,

      • counteract the appearance of acne due to its ability to preserve the integrity of the skin,

      • Facilitate skin hydration, relieving symptoms related to oily skin.

    Biotin is rebalancing and regulates sebaceous secretion, which is precisely why it is recommended in acne-prone skin. Recent studies have also shown how biotin influences the composition of keratin and promotes the formation of intercellular lipid layers through increased lipid synthesis, which improves the skin’s natural barrier function.

    2. Selenium with antioxidant action

    Selenium is a trace mineral, present in small traces, but essential for the body: within cells, selenium allows cellular antioxidants to function properly. Its powerful antioxidant power:

        • Keeps the amount of free radicals in check,

        • Protects cell membranes,

        • Provides flexibility to tissues, promotingskin elasticity,

        • Helps fight skin aging.

      It also performs, in addition, anti-aging functions, protecting the skin from the damage of solar radiation, skin blemishes and premature aging, and anti-inflammatory functions that facilitate the healing of wounds and skin injuries.
      It is present in certain foods, such as meat (beef, chicken), fish (tuna, salmon, cod), eggs, milk and milk products, cereals, nuts, and legumes (such as beans and lentils).

      3. Zinc for skin hydration and protection

      Zinc, on the other hand, is a trace element, i.e., a mineral present in the body in small amounts, but essential for immune system enhancement, wound healing, and cell production and repair. In addition to being a key micronutrient for maintaining the health and beauty of the skin, promoting its elasticity and strengthening collagen synthesis.
      In particular, it is able to:

          • protect cell membranes from the damaging action of external stimuli, such as sun damage that can cause skin aging,

          • Contribute to the maintenance of the proper state of the endogenous cellular antioxidant pool,

          • Significantly improve the moisture status, elasticity, roughness and density of the skin

        Foods that contain zinc are oysters, red meat, chicken, beans, nuts, seafood (such as crabs and lobsters).

        The winning combination of these three essential vitamins for skin wellness

        If you are looking for a nutricosmetic product, which will meet your needs, such as having a brighter and healthier skin tone, then the best solution for you is definitely the use of a dietary supplement containing biotin, selenium and zinc.
        As we have seen, biotin, selenium, and zinc are substances that have an important function for the body: they strengthen the immune system and provide numerous benefits to the well-being of the skin. In detail, the combination of biotin, zinc and selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal skin. Selenium brings well-being to the skin, as it has an antioxidant function, counteracting dryness and aging. Zinc, on the other hand, is particularly known for treating acne and healing skin.
        By combining biotin, selenium, and zinc, you will get a product that is just right for you, as this mix will give you radiant-looking skin that is nourished from the inside out.

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