What is bioavailability and why is it important in nutricosmetic supplements?

Choosing a supplement is not easy because there are so many reference factors that can indicate its effectiveness. Specifically, bioavailability is certainly the index that best allows us to understand the functionality of a product in relation to its content. When we talk about bioavailability and supplements we mean the rate at which the latter is absorbed by the body.
Understanding the meaning of bioavailable is not as difficult as it sounds; it works just like food; it is absorbed only after it has been digested by the intestines. This is how it works for supplements: they begin to work only when the active ingredients, vitamins or minerals they contain reach the place within the body where they will be used. Let’s take a closer look at what bioavailability means and what it entails when choosing the best supplements for skin wellness and beauty.

How bioavailability works

When you take a supplement, it follows the same path as food inside the human body. Whatever its format, the product passes through the mouth, is shipped to the intestine, and through the intestinal wall will reach the organ to which its action is directed. In summary, we can say that if the supplement does not reach the point where it is supposed to act, it will have no effect on the body.
The faster you can take this path the sooner you will see the effects, so this is why it is important to choose the supplementary form that best suits your needs. Some supplements have no effect precisely because they are not absorbed entirely by the body.

Bioavailability then, depends on two main factors: the composition of the supplement and thebody taking it. Furthermore, the interaction between substances should not be overlooked, which can have an important effect on the rate of absorption.

The factors on which the bioavailability of a supplement depends

The bioavailability of supplements can be affected by a number of factors, including:

      • The quality of the substances contained within, active ingredients and vitamins have different absorption rates. In addition, high-quality raw materials and actives are better absorbed by the body especially if they are subjected to fewer treatments that change their structure.

      • Theinteraction between the substances that can be contained within the supplements, suffice it to say that minerals such as calcium are best absorbed when taken together with vitamin D since they are able to convey each other by halving the time it takes for them to take effect on the body.

      • The formulation and format of the supplement, some nutrient forms are absorbed better than others.

      • Intake with meals, fat-soluble nutrients (such as vitamin D, for example) are best absorbed with a meal, as they will contain a fat part that will help absorption.

      • Interactions with other substances in the body, for example, calcium supplements make iron absorption more difficult, so it is important to wait two hours between calcium and iron intake.

    Intake of compatible nutrients or those that predispose the body to faster absorption can increase the bioavailability of the supplement, which will deliver its benefits more quickly.

    Bioavailability and supplements: how much the human body matters

    However bioavailable a supplement may be, its action will undoubtedly also depend on the condition of the body taking it. Specifically, every human being is different, so they will absorb supplements differently. Among the first factors that make the effectiveness of a supplement different are definitely age and gender. Next, the general health status and specifically that of theintestinal system should not be neglected.

    The condition of the person taking the supplement is really important to choose the one that gives its benefits in the shortest time. But these are not the only parameters to be taken into account. Sometimes people don’t even consider the time ofday they take the supplement, but this can really make a difference: in the morning the body is more receptive.

    Further discriminating is whetherthe supplement is taken on a full or empty stomach. This is a variable that can slow down or speed up the effectiveness of the product because in relation to certain foods, the supplement may be best conveyed. Among the internal and external factors that affect bioavailability, it is therefore also important to select foods and drinks that enhance them and those that slow their effects.

    Bioavailability and supplements, how it affects nutrition

    Regardless of the diet followed, supplementing the diet with the right substances is essential to get the right amount of vitamins, minerals and whatever else is needed to cultivate natural beauty and well-being. Especially when following a plant-based diet, it is advisable to supplement the right amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals based on the quantity and quality of foods consumed. In this way, the body will have the energy it needs to function at its best, supporting it in precisely those areas where there may be a more pronounced deficiency.
    Therefore, to best benefit from the positive effects of supplements, it is necessary to have a good understanding of which combinations work best. The synergy of the various active ingredients in nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals is very important, because in addition to promoting faster absorption of substances, it also gives benefits to the whole body.

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